Indico "room booking module": Internal preparation notes for the 2nd round of Usability tests with volunteers

28-R-003 (CERN)



Maria Dimou (CERN)
  • The aim of this exercise is to evaluate the usability/functionality of new Indico room booking module that is approaching release. Test version on
  • To choose a timeslot that suits you, please vote for one free option in a new doodle (TO BE DONE).
  • If none of the available options works for you, please contact us (email Maria Dimou & Michal Kolodziejski at cern).
  • The volunteers are members of the e-group indico-usability-labs at
  • Each volunteer will be recorded navigating during about 15' minutes' using the new Indico room booking module which now takes into consideration the input of the last Usability test of June 13th.
  • The videos will be screen capture with voice over only and will not be published. Candidate recording tools:
    • QuickTime on Thomas's Macbook or
    • ActivePresenter on Maria's old Windows laptop or
    • ffmpeg on Michal's Linux desktop.
    • tobii eye-tracker kindly lent by the University of Geneva.
  • The video will be attached to each contribution and observations will be minutes. (Timetable TO BE DONE).
  • The volunteers and the dev. team will have access to the final conclusions/recommendations.
  • We shall borrow an eye-tracking device from Geneva University, courtesy of Geneva University - faculty TECFA and with technical contribution by student Maud Bernies.

Navigation scenarii summary:

  1. Book a room knowing its name: E.g. the TH Meeting Room
  2. Book a room with specific equipment: Recording
  3. Look for rooms in building 40 & add them to your Favorites. Then, book a room with capacity > 20 from your Favorites.
  4. Book a room near the Entrance B.
  5. Handle booking conflicts: Try to book the Main Amphitheatre for June 14th 2018 between 5 and 6pm. You are flexible on starting time.
  6. Periodic recurring room booking: Try to book:
    • the Marie Curie room in building 40
    • for every other week
    • on Tuesdays
    • starting June 19th 2018
    • between 11am and 12 (noon)
    • for a period of 6 months.
    • When faced with conflicts, find who booked it instead and how to contact them.
    • 09:50 10:10
      Maud 20m

      Test recording with the eye-tracker