JWT Profile Meeting




  • Go through actions
  • Specific discussion points:
    • AARC Syntax
    • AOB?? 

Outstanding Actions:

  • @Hannah rename Identity Schema to Attribute Schema in JWT Doc

  • @Andrea improve description of claims request flow, equivalent to role selection

  • @Hannah work out whether HR identity vetting and affiliation end date information is in SSO tokens (or can be in future)

  • @WG add LoA aspects into JWT schema


Attendees: Miguel, Andrea, Linda, Hannah, Nicolas, Brian, Maarten, Michel, David
Apologies: Romain


  • HR DB Integration & Privacy notice
    • DB connection rather than SSO - pilots agree this is not problematic
    • Must be hosted at CERN
    • HR must approve Privacy Statement
      • CERN template to be used - collect information from pilots
      • Provisioning needs to be included
        • IAM this functionality is more restricted than VOMS Admin
        • Checkin provisions VOMS and then VOMS privacy statement should be valid
  • JWT Catalogue updates
    • Miguel/ALICE contributed
  • LoA (Level of Assurance) in schema
    • OIDC and OAuth have specific claims for this
    • There are several profiles in the sector - RAF uses the eduPersonAssurance claim rather than the standard
    • If we only need assurance of authentication then maybe OIDC is OK
    • Q: where is our assurance coming from? This should help us answer what is needed
      • Identity Vetting is covered by HR DB
      • Affiliation is covered by HR DB
      • Authentication method varies - would need to propagate LoA from authentication point (even behind CERN SSO)
    • Suggestion to use labels and vocabulary from RAF and claims from OIDC
    • Decision to put a placeholder in the schema already, with the expectation that things will change
  • Versioning
    • Should reflect that it's a WLCG version
    • Not necessarily numerically consecutive but might be helpful for namespace and comparison
    • Could add profile name (e.g. "WLCG") for namespacing, could also contain URI
    • Brian believes there will not be so many versions and that string comparison might not be too difficult, however still interest in numeric versioning plus profile string
    • Could also embed the version in the profile
    • Need to be sensitive to length of token
  • Suggestion to have another pre-GDB in December
    • Complete schema
    • Assess pilots (should be running at CERN)
    • Pilots deployed within CERN and HR DB Connection
    • Proof of concept workflows for command line
    • NB: IAM lost a person, may be delays
  • HR DB library not existing and structure changing. Andrea has legacy code in VOMS Admin that he will extract. Can potentially do in a way that is usable by e.g. Check-in
  • WLCG AAI Privacy Notice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E35DEuptjz0CSWvmegECRjCvCMtCb2UFhtUXPeGA2To/edit?usp=sharing 
  • Request from Dave K to present at HEPiX (to Andrea) - could potentially go (clashes with DI4R)
    • Andrea willing to attend
    • 20 minutes
    • Should make sure to coordinate with Paolo's talk
    • CHEP talk could be largely reused


  • @Nicolas/@Andrea both pilots to let Hannah know what kind of VM/Container required for deployment
  • @Hannah to collect privacy statement data from pilots and combine with existing VOMS admin data
  • @Maarten to put Hannah in loop for VOMS admin privacy notice work
  • @Maarten to get CERN accounts for Nicolas & colleagues
  • @Hannah to remind people to update JWT Token Catalogue
  • @Nicolas to add schema placeholder for LoA
  • @Brian to propose versioning methodology on the mailing list
  • @Hannah to ask Ian C if we can take December pre-GDB 11th
  • @Maarten to check clashing meetings in December
  • @Andrea to send email to list to say that willing to present at HEPiX, just check no clashing proposal. Adapt CHEP talk for HEPiX 
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