VO AuthZ Interviews


Attendees: Hannah, Romain, Ioannis, Andrea, AlessandroDS, Miguel, Michel, Maarten, David Crooks

Apologies: David Crooks

Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wGaZ2QBR1koMnUhZ-Nu8BeyyqzrUnCnaQYvpGMrn-Vo/edit?usp=sharing 


  • We maybe need two lines of questions, computing coordinators vs VO managers
  • Lots of work going on with different storage systems (Andrea and Brian are following) e.g. FTS, EOS, DPM (Macaroons internally)
    • Storage access seems to be going the right way
  • FYI - alignment within CERN IT to prioritise token authentication/authorisation for the future 
  • Job lifetime seems to go up to 95 hours, ATLAS says they limit to 24
  • Again expression that we would like more input from experiments 
    • Look and see whether we have some information already - maybe CHEP paper 
  • The VOs could try and fill the form in advance as "homework" with input from us
  • Which VOs? 
    • ATLAS
    • ALICE
    • LHCB
    • CMS
    • For now don't focus on small VOs, e.g. COMPASS, Belle II, Juno (assumption that they are following LHC workflows)
  • Interview attendance decided ad-hoc
  • Video from Andrea in CHEP, add to documentation
  • Andrea willing to do a demo if requested

@ Hannah draft a document to summarise the plans, for the VOs
@ Maarten to share thoughts on token renewal to the list

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