WLCG AuthZ Call



Proposed agenda:

  1. JWT Token Catalogue Document sign-off https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XQvh2dxDivUstjQaS3K6tkpLyvXlEOR4QU8YtTzDqg4/edit 
  2. Privacy policy update
  3. Pilot CERN deployment update
  4. Schema document comments

Outstanding Actions:

  • @Nicolas/@Andrea both pilots to let Hannah know what kind of VM/Container required for deployment
  • @Nicolas to add schema placeholder for LoA
  • @Brian to propose versioning methodology on the mailing list

Attendees: Romain, Maarten, Brian, DavidC, Hannah, AndreaC



  • Hannah  -ping Mischa/Brian/Paul/Nicolas to clarify Qs on JWT Catalogue
  • Hannah - ask Dave and Mischa how to handle this potential conflict between RCAuth providing certificate DNs vs RCAuth taking information from IdPs to generate DNs

  • Romain - in Tuesday meeting ask management board on importance of keeping user records in WLCG AAI indefinitely (may also be possible to keep a subset of data that won't change?)

  • Hannah - change "Experiment computing role of the person (e.g. "production manager")" to roles and groups

  • Hannah - make changes to privacy statements and send to HR

  • Hannah - make summary slides for Tuesday

  • Pilots - deploy within CERN

  • Hannah - send around a doodle for the week of the 22nd, likely Friday afternoon 

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