School "The basic ideas and concepts behind the modern High-Energy Physics and Cosmology" (5-16.10.2018), Truskavets, Ukraine

Aim is to present the basic ideas and concepts behind the modern High-Energy Physics, to explain the major goals and results of the high-energy experiments and to connect this phenomenological knowledge with the basic provisions of the Standard Model.
The lectures will  include introduction to gauge field theories, QCD, experiments, theory and simulations in high-energy physics of particle and nuclear collisions, as well as statistical methods of experimental data analysis.

Another aim of the School is to give an introduction to the modern cosmological model, to the physics of the early universe and machine learning methods in high-energy astrophysics.
The Intensive course in this direction  includes introductory lectures on the basics of cosmology and physics of the early universe, black hall physics and machine learning methods for data analysis in high-energy astrophysics.


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Ukraine, Truskavets
“Lisova pisnya”, Truskavets, Sagaidachnogo st. 14 a