EM-U #68: FUSION - Catalysing innovation across startups and corporates

IdeaSquare (CERN)



Map with directions to IdeaSquare here: http://goo.gl/WNSa6P

Laying in the heart of Carouge in Geneva, FUSION is a Global Innovation Platform working in the intersection of Frontier Tech and Human Insights. With a mission to fuel operating capital to push ventures to the next level, and having grown over 40 ventures in less than two years, FUSION is one of the fastest growing incubators in Europe. 

FUSION's recipe is to focus startups and corporations on relevant industry problems using exponential technologies, and creating the necessary conditions to develop early betas into growth ventures. Three Vertical Accelerators serve to leverage such infrastructures and ecosystems within their domains: FinTech, LifeTech and Proptech & Smart City.

Executive Director & Venture Catalyst of FUSION, Adela Villanueva, will tell you more about how their global platform is designed for innovation efficiency at scale at the EM-U #68. Adela has 13 years of experience working with F500-Corporations, Public Sector, Academia and Start-Ups around the Globe, and with the nerve for making things happen - she has her eyes fixed on FUSION’s mission of catalysing innovation.

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