Generator Software Workshop Organisation



- Advertising progressed well, another MCnet advert was felt to be worthwhile, Stefan will do this
- We need a workshop chair from the theory community who will be physically present - Graeme to speak to Peter
- Opening talk on the challenges in the context of the CWP process will be Liz or Graeme (TBD)
- Experiment speakers being pinned down now, for LHCb Andrea will follow up; CMS, Liz; ALICE, Graeme
- David Lange will give a talk on Practical Running Considerations for generators, so ask experiment speakers to send material like that to him
- Servesh and Sebastien Ponce will prepare two talks that explain performance fundamentals
- We will move Simon’s general talk on generator codes to the morning, opening session
- The NNLO session could be quite extensive (90min?, Stefan to follow up with Alexander and others
- The session on Optimising Generator Usage can be led by Marek (who will be there). For key experiment responsibles, Graeme will follow up on the ATLAS side, Liz for CMS. Stefan, Andy, Marek to plan.
- As the Monday got quite busy the HPC talks (Holger, Xiangyang) will likely move to Tuesday
- Still need to see where Simon’s talk on "beyond current paradigms” fits best
- To avoid losing the Tuesday PM first part (when the TH seminar is on) Andrea booked the IT auditorium for the whole of Tuesday afternoon (thanks!)
- For planning specific other speakers use the spreadsheet, many/all
- Graeme will try and reschedule all the known/anticipated contributions to be able to firm up the Indico timetable
- For the hackathon on Wednesday we will circulate a questionnaire in a few weeks to see what people are most interested in covering.
Doodle for next meeting:
N.B. That week Europe is back to winter time, but the US is still on summer time; the poll is Central European Time (CET, UTC+1).
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