Belle II: Semi-tauonic Hackathon 2018

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT Campus South, Physics High-rise, Wolfgang-Gaede-Straße 1, Karlsruhe

Belle II: Semi-tauonic Hackathon 2018

A hackathon is an event, where a group comes together to solve common problems. In December 2018 the semi-tauonic interested Belle II members will meet at Karlsruhe to work on topics of general interest, such as framework development, reweighing of MC samples, and common backgrounds. No material will be posted on this indico, but we will only use it to register and provide a schedule for the hackathon.

Belle II: Semi-tauonic Hackathon 2018 Registration
  • Felix Metzner
  • Florian Bernlochner
  • Hannah Wakeling
  • Karol Adamczyk
  • Katsuro Nakamura
  • Kilian Lieret
  • Kodai Matsuoka
  • Leonardo Benjamin Rizzuto
  • Maximilian Welsch
  • Michael Eliachevitch
  • Minakshi Nayak
  • Peter Lewis
  • Qidong Zhou
  • Racha Cheaib
  • Sophie Hollitt
  • Sourav Dey
  • Stephan Duell
  • William Sutcliffe