Dec 10 – 14, 2018
Auditorium Santa Cecilia , Perugia, Italy
Europe/Zurich timezone
2008 - 2018

MPI@LHC 2018 is the 10th-anniversary edition of the International Workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC (MPI@LHC). Since the first event of this series of successful meetings took place in Perugia, Italy, the MPI community decided to complete a first 10-years cycle precisely in the same place, Perugia, in December 10-14, 2018 where the scientific adventure started.

From the start of the operations at the Large Hadron Collider, Multiple Partonic Interactions (MPIs) are experiencing a growing attention and are widely invoked to account for observations that cannot be explained otherwise. Examples are the associated hadron production (Underlying Event) in high-energy hadronic collisions, the rates for multiple heavy flavor production, the survival probability of large rapidity gaps in hard diffraction.

In particular, Double Parton Interactions were observed directly and studied by several FNAL and LHC experiments in different reaction channels. Our present understanding and the available experimental data are now opening the possibility to perform an unprecedented investigation of the proton structure.

More recently, a novel issue is the study of high multiplicity final states in pp and pA interactions, where correlations in soft MPI may give rise to flow-like effect. At the LHC a new QCD regime can be reached, where MPIs occur with high rates, due to unprecedented high parton densities.

Understanding of MPIs is therefore crucial, both for their significant contribution to the background of various processes of interest for the search of new physics and because MPIs allow to probe high energy - high density QCD dynamics and, as a consequence of the geometrical characteristics of the interaction, to obtain unprecedented information on the correlated structure of QCD bound states.

The aim of this workshop is to provide, after 10 years, the most complete and up-to-date view of MPI studies, and to strengthen contacts between the theoretical and experimental communities.

We really look forward to meeting with all the interested scientists and everyone who contributed to MPI studies in Perugia.


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Auditorium Santa Cecilia , Perugia, Italy
Via Fratti, 2 - 06123 Perugia Italy