1 November 2018 to 19 December 2018
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HEP Computing Evolution

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Instrumentation and computing


High Energy Physics (HEP) has demonstrated a unique capability with the global computing infrastructure for LHC, achieving the management of data at the many-hundred-Petabyte scale, and providing access to the entire community in a manner that is largely transparent to the end user. Other HEP experiments have expressed a desire to benefit from this infrastructure and organization, and recent interactions with other related science communities that have similar needs on the HL-LHC timescale show interest in collaboration. In this paper we outline a proposed strategy by which the computing infrastructure developed for LHC could be broadened in collaboration with other interested HEP experiments, while retaining the LHC-specific needs within the WLCG collaboration. This proposal is in line with the WLCG strategy for addressing computing for HL-LHC, and is aligned with European and other international strategies in computing for large scale science.

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