Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics 2019

Clark Hall Room 700 (Cornell University)

Clark Hall Room 700

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY, United States
James Alexander (Cornell University (US)), Monica Wesley, Yadira Bordlemay Padilla (Cornell University (US))

Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator based Sciences & Education (CLASSE) welcomes you to the Forum on Tracker Detector Mechanics 2019 held at Cornell University Ithaca campus.

The forum is a meeting to discuss issues of engineering and integration for present and future tracking systems.

Topics include

  • Detector cooling
  • Deflection, stability and precision of the structures, achieved and revisited requirements for the next generation
  • Thermal expansion differences inside the detector
  • Mass and therefore radiation length of mechanics, cables and pipes
  • Humidity control, including gas flushing inside detector volume and along services
  • Structural issues concerning humidity or outgassing
  • Choices of construction materials
  • Rails for support and guidance
  • Alignment systems, requirements and "weak modes" of the system, in-situ adjustments, sensors including load sensors
  • Pipe materials, pipe connection techniques and fittings
  • Shock and vibration issues such as bond wire vibration during transport and in operation
  • Effects on mechanics during fast discharge of magnet coils
  • Tracker to beam-pipe interfaces and bakeout scenarios
  • Failure management: What do we do to achieve a tracker with maximum duty cycle
  • Service management: What strategies do we have to deal with services? How can we minimise installation and testing times?
  • Radiation and mechanics: A discussion about the impacts of radiation on the design, materials and also issues like access constraints
  • Maintenance scenarios and the required special tooling
  • FEA and its comparison to real objects


For those interested in visiting the Purdue Composite Manufacturing & Simulation Center please check the Travel page/tab

  • Abhishek Bakshi
  • Abraham Mathew Koshy
  • Alexandre Perez
  • Andrea Basti
  • Andreas Mussgiller
  • Andy Jung
  • Antti Onnela
  • Augusto Sciuccati
  • Axel Filenius
  • Bart Verlaat
  • Benjamin Denos
  • Burkhard Schmidt
  • C. M. Lei
  • Christophe Bault
  • corrado gargiulo
  • Dario Eliecer Ariza Alvarez
  • Eric Anderssen
  • Georg Viehhauser
  • Giorgio Baldinelli
  • Giorgio Vallone
  • Gregory Everett Derylo
  • Gregory Schmidt
  • Hans Postema
  • Hans Rudolf Schmidt
  • Huyue Zhao
  • Ivan Polyakov
  • Jaakko Esala
  • Jackson Burzynski
  • James Alexander
  • James Proudfoot
  • Jeremy Robert Love
  • Jerome Daguin
  • Joe Conway
  • Johann Heuser
  • John Conway
  • Kamil Cichy
  • Karl Smolenski
  • Karol Rapacz
  • Kshitij Agarwal
  • Lukasz Zwalinski
  • Marc Krauth
  • Marcel Vos
  • Martin Richard Jaekel
  • Massimo Angeletti
  • Michael Brodski
  • Moritz Guthoff
  • Natalia Koss
  • Nicola Bacchetta
  • Nicolas Emeriaud
  • Norbert FRANK
  • Oskar Reichelt
  • Paola Tropea
  • Paolo Petagna
  • Peter Sutcliffe
  • Pierre Barroca
  • Ray Mountain
  • Sandro Tomassini
  • Scott Hartman
  • Souvik Das
  • Stefan Gruenendahl
  • Stephanie Timpone
  • Sushrut Karmarkar
  • Szymon Krzysztof Sroka
  • Thomas French
  • Tiago Dos Santos Ramos
  • Tim O'Connell
  • Ulrich Heintz
  • Ulrich Leis
  • Volker Prahl
  • William Emmet
  • Xuhao Yuan
  • Yadira Bordlemay Padilla