Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics 2019

Clark Hall Room 700 (Cornell University)

Clark Hall Room 700

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY, United States
James Alexander (Cornell University (US)) , Monica Wesley, Yadira Bordlemay Padilla (Cornell University (US))

Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator based Sciences & Education (CLASSE) welcomes you to the Forum on Tracker Detector Mechanics 2019 held at Cornell University Ithaca campus.

The forum is a meeting to discuss issues of engineering and integration for present and future tracking systems.

Topics include

  • Detector cooling
  • Deflection, stability and precision of the structures, achieved and revisited requirements for the next generation
  • Thermal expansion differences inside the detector
  • Mass and therefore radiation length of mechanics, cables and pipes
  • Humidity control, including gas flushing inside detector volume and along services
  • Structural issues concerning humidity or outgassing
  • Choices of construction materials
  • Rails for support and guidance
  • Alignment systems, requirements and "weak modes" of the system, in-situ adjustments, sensors including load sensors
  • Pipe materials, pipe connection techniques and fittings
  • Shock and vibration issues such as bond wire vibration during transport and in operation
  • Effects on mechanics during fast discharge of magnet coils
  • Tracker to beam-pipe interfaces and bakeout scenarios
  • Failure management: What do we do to achieve a tracker with maximum duty cycle
  • Service management: What strategies do we have to deal with services? How can we minimise installation and testing times?
  • Radiation and mechanics: A discussion about the impacts of radiation on the design, materials and also issues like access constraints
  • Maintenance scenarios and the required special tooling
  • FEA and its comparison to real objects


For those interested in visiting the Purdue Composite Manufacturing & Simulation Center please check the Travel page/tab

  • Abhishek Bakshi
  • Abraham Mathew Koshy
  • Alexandre Perez
  • Andrea Basti
  • Andreas Mussgiller
  • Andy Jung
  • Antti Onnela
  • Augusto Sciuccati
  • Axel Filenius
  • Bart Verlaat
  • Benjamin Denos
  • Burkhard Schmidt
  • C. M. Lei
  • Christophe Bault
  • corrado gargiulo
  • Dario Eliecer Ariza Alvarez
  • Eric Anderssen
  • Georg Viehhauser
  • Giorgio Baldinelli
  • Giorgio Vallone
  • Gregory Everett Derylo
  • Gregory Schmidt
  • Hans Postema
  • Hans Rudolf Schmidt
  • Huyue Zhao
  • Ivan Polyakov
  • Jaakko Esala
  • Jackson Burzynski
  • James Alexander
  • James Proudfoot
  • Jeremy Robert Love
  • Jerome Daguin
  • Joe Conway
  • Johann Heuser
  • John Conway
  • Kamil Cichy
  • Karl Smolenski
  • Karol Rapacz
  • Kshitij Agarwal
  • Lukasz Zwalinski
  • Marc Krauth
  • Marcel Vos
  • Martin Richard Jaekel
  • Massimo Angeletti
  • Michael Brodski
  • Moritz Guthoff
  • Natalia Koss
  • Nicola Bacchetta
  • Nicolas Emeriaud
  • Norbert FRANK
  • Oskar Reichelt
  • Paola Tropea
  • Paolo Petagna
  • Peter Sutcliffe
  • Pierre Barroca
  • Ray Mountain
  • Sandro Tomassini
  • Scott Hartman
  • Souvik Das
  • Stefan Gruenendahl
  • Stephanie Timpone
  • Sushrut Karmarkar
  • Szymon Krzysztof Sroka
  • Thomas French
  • Tiago Dos Santos Ramos
  • Tim O'Connell
  • Ulrich Heintz
  • Ulrich Leis
  • Volker Prahl
  • William Emmet
  • Xuhao Yuan
  • Yadira Bordlemay Padilla