Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

Instead of the BOOST Conference in Hamburg this year, we are organising a series of web seminar presentations in order to facilitate scientific exchange on the topics of BOOST (
Invited seminar speakers will present an overview of recent advances in the field of jet substructure.
In addition, there will be poster-sessions, for which the material is to be uploaded in advance to the conference and discussion rooms for each contribution are arranged after the seminar talks.
Therefore we call for two different types of abstracts, "input to the overview talks" and "poster-sessions".

The call for "input to the overview talks" abstracts is to help the invited speakers to pick up recent advances in the field. Everyone is encouraged to provide the invited speakers with material until June 30th.

The call for the "poster-sessions" is for single-topic contributions from students and young postdocs. We are trying a new format in addition to the classic posters. Presenters are welcome to post a 9-min-recording presenting it. Wide participation is encouraged. We suggest (but do not require) a more modern, creative, youtube-like format. Be innovative and have fun! Some suggestions include graphics, animations, effects, music, etc.

The call for abstracts is closed.