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Forward Physics and Forward Calorimeter Upgrade in ALICE

We will hold the international workshop on forward physics at RHIC and LHC and the forward calorimeter (FoCal) upgrade in ALICE, from March 7 - 9, 2019, at University of Tsukuba, Center for Computational Sciences, Tsukuba Ibaraki, Japan. The following topics will be covered and discussed at this workshop. 

  • Forward physics at high energy pp, p-A and AA collisions
  • Initial condition of high energy heavy ion collisions at LHC and RHIC
  • Thermalization mechanism, strong fields
  • Small-x physics, gluon PDF, saturation and Color Glass Condensate (CGC)
  • Forward detector upgrade using Si-W calorimeter and hadron calorimeter at LHC, related detector technologies and upgrade project in other fields

Here is the session organization for three days workshop.

  • Day-1 (March 7, Thursday): Forward physics (ALICE FoCal, HERA, ATLAS, LHCf, RHICf, PHENIX/sPHENIX), workshop dinner
  • Day-2 (March 8, Friday): Si-W calorimeter, FoCal design
  • Day-3 (March 9, Saturday): Future program at LHC beyond Run-5, close the meeting around the lunch time

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Tatsuya Chujo (U. Tsukuba, chair)
  • Motoi Inaba (Tsukuba Tech.)
  • Yasuo Miake (U. Tsukuba)
  • Norbert Novitzky (U. Tsukuba)
  • Toru Sugitate (Hiroshima U.)

Supported by:

  • University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Tsukuba-Utrecht CiC (Campus in Campus), Quark Gluon Plasma Research Unit
  • Tomonaga Center for the History of Universe, U. Tsukuba
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