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Aug 1 – 21, 2010
NITheP at Stellenbosch, South Africa
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

CERN – A Gateway to Collaboration & Innovation

Aug 21, 2010, 11:45 AM
NITheP at Stellenbosch, South Africa

NITheP at Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch U. NITheP Stellenbosch Inst. of Adv. Study Private Bag X1 Matieland 7602 South Africa


Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)


This presentation describes how to CERN is seeking to concretise the role of fundamental research as a driver for innovation. This has been a very evident aspect of high-energy physics research. This type of research needs very sophisticated instruments using technologies that often exceed the available industrial know-how. Many of these technologies have been spun-off to innovations that have made our daily lives more efficient, practical and comfortable. CERN actively encourages technology transfer, or generally speaking the access to technologies, expertise and industrial processes to universities, laboratories and industries. Emmanuel Tsesmelis will highlight CERN’s role as a catalyst for the exchange of knowledge. However, CERN is actually more than a hub because it plays the role of an active "catalyser" in the exchange of knowledge. Several concrete examples will be discussed. An additional aspect is the CERN Global Network. This network aims to facilitate knowledge exchange across the various groups described above and to improve the visibility of partnership opportunities related to CERN's activities. It will also enable CERN to gather data on knowledge transfer through mobility. This Global Network will welcome former and current members, drawn amongst others, from Users and companies from CERN's member states, universities and research institutes. It will deliver a database of members and a dedicated website, providing information about partnership and knowledge-sharing opportunities (training, new R&D projects, transferable technologies, jobs etc) across the community. It will also foster the creation of special interest groups and organize events. For more about the CERN Global Network, see - - -

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