Practical information

How to get to CERN?

Please find instructions on how to get to CERN here.

Access to the CERN site

Access to the CERN site is granted only to individuals in possession of an access card. You will receive a code by email that will allow you to generate an print your CERN visitor badge (A6 format).

Can I enter the CERN site with my car?

Yes, but a special visitor parking badge is needed. In order to get this, please send the organisers your license plate numbers. The visitor parking badge needs to be collected from the CERN Reception (building 33).

Where is the CERN hostel? How to get in touch with them?

The CERN hostel is located in buildings 3839 (reception), and 41. Check MapSearch to locate buildings on the CERN site. Please go to for all information related to the CERN hostel.

Does the CERN hostel offer breakfast?

No, but there is a Restaurant ("Restaurant 1", building 501) located next to the hostel buildings.

Where is the workshop room?

The workshop will take place in the CERN IT Amphitheatre, building 31, 3rd floor ('3'), room 4.

Getting around the CERN site

CERN Maps are available for the desktop, Android and iOS.

Wi-Fi on site

Eduroam is available on the CERN site. If you do not have Eduroam access, visitor WiFi service is available on the CERN site (registration via self service portal).