145th HiLumi WP2 Meeting

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 - 09:00
CERN (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
2 Apr 2019
09:00 General information - Gianluigi Arduini (CERN)   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
09:05 Stability around Q'=0 and the LHC Damper Instability - Adrian Oeftiger (CERN)   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
09:25 LHC Injection Kickers: SEY and impedance status and plans - Mike Barnes (CERN)   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
09:45 Results from RF studies and implications for HL-LHC (e.g. capture voltage) - Helga Timko (CERN)   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
10:05 Update on impedance studies and implications - Benoit Salvant (CERN)   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
10:25 Round table   (6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room)
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