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Alberto Di Meglio (CERN)
Conference Name: ETICS Technical Committee meeting Recurrence: Every Thursday at 15:30 CET Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (Main) Access code: 0126137 (Participant) Participant site:
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      Welcome and headcount
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      Status reports
      Highlights of the week, 5 minutes for each WP (NA2, SA1, SA2, JRA1, JRA2)
      • a) NA2
        *NA2 weekly report 7^th to 14^th January* - The intro video is ready. I will be sending it round and it will be available on the web site and EDMS. - Writing DNA2.7 (sections not related to trial certification) - Installation of ETICS at ENG ongoing (Andrea) - Working on the SLA it will be part of the DNA2.9 - Working on IPR and brand the info collected will be part of a doc for the PMB. - Requested contribution to partners on single partners Exploitation plans for DNA2.9 - User satisfaction survey sent? - ENG survey will be sent next week Tuesday or Wednesday - Training tutorial still delayed. Hope to get some work on them soon - 13^th meeting with SA1 on trial certification to organize activities.
      • b) SA1
        SA1 Report to the ETICS TC ++ Services - Working on the features to complete the project ++ Releases - 2.5.0 is the next major release (disseminator, AQCM, dashboard) - 3.0 will have Multi-Node and VMLOader - 3.1 with workflow designer, plugin designer (JRA2) ++ Development - Continuing from last weeks Multinode - Working on multi-node testing on all aspects involved (WS, repository, clients, etc) - Internal testing is started (on etics-dev) Metrics, Dashboard - Dashboard for a User Project is being tested for etics itself. - On the integration server now AQCM Reports - AQCM report is considering many metrics. Only a few missing. Reports generated. - Plug-ins integration continuted. The plugins received are now integrated. - On the integration server now Submitters - Submitters integration progressing on the development environment (SA2). VM Loader - VMloader (ex bootstraper) can execute and report the results on vmware. Working in integrating it with NMI. Dynamically runs builds and tests on a worker node with VMWARE and the images of SL4 SL5 on 32,64 bits. As a proof of concept and prototype is a success now we need to put it in 3.0. ++ Deliverables - Completed DJRA1.5 (implementation of VM support) - Need certification fgor the SA1 Deliverable
      • c) SA2
        New applications ---------------- - Meeting Jan 29th with customer interested in using VEGA's provided ETICS services. That would be a very good story for the project. It would be important to have Dashboard and AQCM available to demonstrate then. Infrastructure Integration Job Submission ------------------------------------------ - Maintaining setup agreed in Bologna. Central services with the latest (reasonably) etics-dev, Metronome, gLite and UNICORE submitters. Issue with client version 1.5.0-0.beta. MicheleC will send detail. - UNICORE submitter aligned with latest submitter ws release. - Currently debugging an issue in the virtual image selection mechanism in the glite submission together with the CNAF T1 administrators. Configuration for mapping platforms to virtual images, and modifications to the JDL needed to enable the selection of images added to the gLite plugin. - Phone call between MicheleDB, Lorenzo and Andres for clarifying a few issues on integration between the build-system ws and the submitter ws. MicheleDB will update the submission ws interface for adding a missing field, and Andres will integrate the change oin the build-system ws. Some issues regarding how to implement submission requirements clarified. - Phone call with AndreaT on AWS submitter. Library for managing ETICS jobs on AWS in proof of concept state. AndreaT will use the library to develop a plugin for the submission web service, with guidance from MicheleDB. Deliverables and Milestones --------------------------- DSA2.6+ Structure and effort agreed. Valerio will send the structure within tomorrow. AndreaT will add the description of the usage of AWS, Elisabetta and MicheleDB the description of the integration with the submission web service.
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      • e) JRA2
        Integration activity by performing different tasks: 1. Workflow Designer integration into eticsDev Done: * Workflow installation package is ready (TESTED!) TODO: * Install script on etics-dev has been modified by Jozsef and has been sent to Marian to update the current install script( NOT TESTED YET!!!) * A complete workflow deployment test is missing! 2. Execution of the xml output generated by Workflow Designer by the ETICS web service DONE: * The parser code is in the BuildSystem Web Service but NOT TESTED YET - due to problems on etics-dev. TODO: * A complete test is missing! * Bugfixing if needed! 3. ETICS CLI extension with etics-plugin-manager TODO: We will concentrate on this task in the coming days. Alberto will be contacted in case of clarification or help needed. Deliverable: DJRA2.6 is heavily under work - next week we are going to send to the internal review version DesktopGrid Application Sztaki is working on inclusion of a new DesktopGrid Application developed by the University of Westminster.
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      ETICS Review Preparation
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      Deliverables, milestones and planning check
      Formal check of agreed milestones and planning
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      ETICS USIS (User Satisfaction Improvement Strategy)
      Improving user satisfaction about usage of the ETICS services is critical. ETICS is often perceived as slow and difficult to use. This is due to a number of factors: 1) Need for technical improvements in speed and usability 2) Disinformation or third-party rumours 3) General resistance to adopt 'procedures' We need to understand what to focus on and have a plan to address this issue as a combination of technical enhancements, training and dissemination. Where to start?
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