The workshop “Amplitude Analyses for Flavour Anomalies” will take place from

    July 4th 9:00 -- July 5th 16:00

at the H.H. Wills Physics Lab, University of Bristol.

One of the challenges to interpreting the flavour anomalies is the complexity of the hadronic contributions. This workshop brings together theorists and experimentalists with different backgrounds, to tackle this challenge using amplitude analyses.

The purpose is to critically discuss the status and prospects of hadronic uncertainties needed to interpret the extant flavour anomalies in b→sll and b→clnu processes focused on how amplitude analysis can improve our current understanding.


b -> s ll at large q2

  • B->K ll hadronic above the psi(2S)
  • The State of B->DDbar K in LHCb
  • The Prospects for Lb -> DDbar L in LHCb
  • B -> DDbar K^*
  • ee-> open charm with K-matrix
  • ee -> D(*)Dbar(*) near threshold

b -> s ll at low q2

  • Anomalous cuts in non-local contributions @ low q2
  • Impact of hadronic uncertainties on P'5 @ low q2
  • Interplay of Exotica searches with B->Kpi J/psi

B->D* l nu

  • Impact of excited charm mesons on B->D(*) l nu measurements
  • Finite width effects in R(D*)

This workshop is supported by the IPPP (Institute of Phenomenology Particle Physics)

Lunch on both days, and the social event and dinner on Thursday are graciously provided through a grant by the IPPP Durham


H.H. Wills Physics Lab, University of Bristol

The following is an incomplete list of possible places of accommodation.

Close to the University (5-10min walk):

- The Clifton House


- Berkley Square


- The Regency


Close to the Center (20min walk up the hill to the department):


- The Ibis


- Premier Inn