4-10 August 2019
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                   Celebration of 150 Years of Periodic Table

                             A Workshop-based School on 

       Know Your Elements, (KYE-2019)

                                                             (4th Aug-10th Aug 2019)

Organised by: 

 The  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP), Kolkata, India

in Association with

Indian Chemical Society


Society for Interdisciplinary Research in Materials and Biology (SIRMB)





Meghnad Saha Auditorium, SINP 

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There is no scientific symbol more ubiquitous than the Periodic Table. Apart from being a reference tool that is much needed in scientific communication, It is a symbolic representation of the process of scientific research as well as the elements present in any living organism. The Periodic Table of chemical elements is having its 150th birthday, as Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev published the first such table in 1869. It will also mark a number of other milestones in the history of chemistry, including the discovery of phosphorus 350 years ago, Antoine Lavoisier’s categorisation of 33 elements in 1789 and the formulation of the law of the triads by Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner 190 years ago.

In order to raise awareness of chemical elements and to show how the Periodic Table is ‘Center of linking Physics to Biology though Chemistry, The Chemical Sciences Division of SINP, in association with Indian Chemical Society and Society for Interdisciplinary Research in Materials and Biology (SIRMB) is organizing a school; Know Your Element’ (KYE 2019) from 4th to 10th August, 2019 in SINP, Kolkata. The School will be preceded by a conference organized by Indian chemical Society during 02/08/2019-03/08/2019.

The elements on the periodic table are everywhere, in fact, they make up everything. Understanding how to read a periodic table is one thing, but it doesn't tell you whether the element is useful, what it looks like, or even how it is used. KYE 2019, a Interdisciplinary school to provide a platform to talk to the elements.


Are you a Researcher / Student in the physical/chemical/Biological sciences and have a keen interest in understanding the Elements?

Are you interested in how the elements play a crucial role any many of the processes happening inside and outside you? Then you are the one that are looking for to get involved in a laboratory based school.

No previous experience required.

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