BI Seminars

Automatic test bench for power supply modules

by William Vigano' (CERN)

866/2-D05 (CERN)



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The general purpose VME FMC Carrier board (VFC-HD) for the CERN Beam Instrumentation Group is currently in the production phase, with about 1200 pieces being produced by an external company. Each board is equipped with six power supply modules (DC/DC converters) which have been produced at the same manufacturer. In total about 7000 power supplies have been produced. A test bench for the verification of the power supply modules has been designed and built at CERN, then sent to the manufacturer to perform an “end of line” test. The seminar will explain: the test bench design principle; the implemented solutions; the test results, and will give a series of suggestions and recommendations for the future design of test benches for mass production projects.