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EM-U #86: Why Entrepreneur First funds talent instead of ideas, and how that talent could be you.

IdeaSquare (CERN)




There are many ways to make the transition from being a researcher to becoming an entrepreneur. However, taking the leap from research to entrepreneurship can seem challenging, and many tech talents never ‘jump' because they do not really have the a solid team, funding or the right push. At Entrepreneur First, they make the leap easier. Their program admits highly talented people to join their cohorts where the potential founders find ideas and co-founders to build new businesses with. 

Join us for the first EM-U after the summer to hear Ambica Jobanputra, talent manager at EF, talk about how they headhunt engineers, researchers, and other skilled individuals and enable them to create their own company.  Ambica will also be talking about the application process, what they look for in a good applicant, and why entrepreneurship is a good way to amplify your impact. 

Ambica Jobanputra is the Talent Manager at Entrepreneur First. She holds a Bachelors of Law from King’s College London and has worked in both private, public and social sectors.  So far, EF has worked with over 1,000 individuals to create 200+ companies, worth a combined $1.6bn. EF is backed by Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, among others. 

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