EM-U #87: The story of a start-up using CERN-tech

IdeaSquare (CERN)



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At this weeks EM-U, The CEO of Securaxis, Glenn Medeler will share his experiences working with CERN to grow his start-up, talking about what the company gets out of it, and how they aim to use CERN technology in their next product.

Securaxis is a start-up working with human safety using IoT and sensor technology. Leveraging CERN Tech and know-how, the start-up is now developing their next product, a smart acoustic sensor to detect wildlife, cars, changes in infrastructure and gunshots. The company is in the process of raising a round of 800 kCHF to be closed later this year and it already has the UN and the Swiss ministers of foreign affairs amongst its customers.

Following Glenn Medelers presentation, Nick Ziogas, a Knowledge Transfer Officer in the Knowledge Transfer group at CERN will share a few words on how start-ups interested in using CERN Technology can collaborate with CERN

Glenn Medeler, the CEO of Securaxis holds an MSc in Information Systems Management. and has 11 years experience in the humanitarian aid sector, he has worked in several conflict areas and is passionate about bridging technology and people.

Nick Ziogas has been a member of the CERN Knowledge Transfer group since 2012. As a Knowledge Transfer Officer he is responsible for the dissemination of CERN technology and know-how, specialising in the area of information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) - but not only.


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