EM-U #88: From Idea to Prototype

IdeaSquare (CERN)




Let's say you have an idea of a product you would like to create. You have this perfect image in your head of how it should look like and all the wonderful things it should be able to do. Building a prototype of that product made of cardboard and rubber bands may feel like it will not even come close to conveying your actual idea and could feel both childish, demotivating, and like a waste of time. Spoiler alert: It's not.

At IdeaSquare@CERN, people know how to innovate in a human-centric way, teaching innovators how to do user testing and how to prototype. Join this week's Meet-Up to learn how to prototype and why you should prototype your idea.

IdeaSquare recently recruited a new "Prototyping Viking" to their team. Hans Jollyface Bøe has both taught and worked with prototyping for several years, and he will be responsible for the workshops at IdeaSqare. After an introduction to prototyping and an eye-opening prototyping exercise, Hans will give an introduction to the workshops available at IdeaSquare, and share how one can be granted access to them.

...and of course, afterwards, we will go to Restaurant 1 of CERN to enjoy a round of refreshments and good conversations.

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