EM-U #89: How to turn your ideas into start-ups

IdeaSquare (CERN)




What are the steps you need to take to turn an idea into a start-up? 

We get ideas all the time, some good, others not so good. Entrepreneurs are the people that take the good ones and do something with them. However, it's not easy to know what to do and in what order. 

Marco Rüedi, MD, eMBA is a start-up coach At EPFL Innovation Park and for Innosuisse. He has 20+ years of international experience in strategic and operational roles across LifeScience Industry and Healthcare Management and works actively with helping researchers and engineers to create companies based on their knowledge and ideas. 

Join us for this weeks Entrepreneurship meet-up for an interactive session where Marco gives an introduction to how one can turn an idea into a start-up. He will be answering questions like: What is the first step? what funding should I seek, and when should I seek it. When should I quit my job? What kind of validation do I need? 


Photos and videos may be recorded at the meet-up and used in internal and external communication efforts by CERN. any questions or requests related to this may be directed to the host of this event. 

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