Sep 12 – 20, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Dear all,

This form is meant to be used to register LAST MINUTE CONTRIBUTORS. Please note:

  • Only a CERN affiliated person can register a contributor last minute and act as a guarantor and the manager of the contributor through the event. 
  • This form is to be used for only those participating in an activity during OD19, friends and family members need to register at the public site 
  • The manager guarantees that the contributor is either a paid contributor and that he/she will be registered as a supplier (NOTE THAT THIS WILL BE VERIFIED AND THAT THE REGISTRATION SERVICE AT B55 CLOSES ON FRIDAY 4PM. IT IS THEREFORE IMPOSSIBLE TO REGISTER A PAID CONTRIBUTOR AFTER THAT DATE) or that the contributor is a non-paid contributor and that will be informed of the below: 

By participating on the Open Days, you confirm that you have read and accept the following: I understand and agree that my participation as a contributor to the OD19 event is on a voluntary basis and without remuneration by CERN. I understand that my personal data will be processed by CERN in accordance with the terms of the Local Engagement Outreach Events Privacy Notice, the CERN Site Security Privacy Notice and CERN Operational Circular No. 11 ("The Processing of Personal Data at CERN”). For the duration of my participation in the OD19 event, I will make sure to have insurance cover against the financial consequences of illness and accidents, valid and adequate in CERN's Host States, Switzerland and France. I acknowledge that, as a consequence of my participation in the OD19 event, my image may be captured in photographs and recordings made by professional photographers engaged by CERN as well as visitors. To the extent that I do not wish to be in such photographs and recordings I recognise that it is my responsibility to take measures to ensure that my image is not captured. I further understand and accept that CERN bears no responsibility for the photographs and recordings taken by visitors on the CERN site.