EM-U #94: How CERN Alumnus Adriano Garonna raised 1.2m CHF for his Proton-therapy start-up.

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For eight years, Adriano Garonna worked with the Tera Foundation and Accelerator Beam Physics (ABP) at CERN, Now he is the CEO of EBAMed, a start-up whose mission is to enable safe and effective non-invasive treatments of heart arrhythmias with proton-therapy. Adriano presented his start-up at an EM-U last year but a lot has happened since then. EBAMed has raised 1.2MCHF in investments, won the platinum prize in MassChallenge Switzerland (IN 2018), First Prize in the >>Venture>> business plan competition (in 2018), and they were awarded the phase1 H2020-SME instrument grant by the European Commission (2019) 


Join this Entrepreneurship Meet-Up to learn how Adriano raised his first million, and how he went from being a Research Engineer at CERN to the founder of an up and coming Start-up.

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