EM-U #95: Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk: Bust Jargon, Raise Money

61/1-007 - Room B (CERN)

61/1-007 - Room B


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When raising their first round, most founders are caught off guard with the investment jargon and generally stumped when these are thrown at them by investors. This is something that Ash Ravikumar from the CERN Knowledge Transfer Entrepreneurship Team learned through working with many founders who have gone through the journey of raising multiple rounds.

While you might not be raising money right now, most start-ups do raise money at some point, and many through equity-based sources like from Angel investors or Venture Capital firms. If you would like to understand what pre-money, post-money, preference, participation, pay-to-play or other jargon starting without a “P”,  then bring your lunch and join this Entrepreneurship Meet-Up. 

Free beverages will be provided! 

The event is open for CERNies and CERN alumni. 

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Photos and videos may be recorded at the meet-up and used in internal and external communication efforts by CERN. any questions or requests related to this may be directed to the host of this event. 


Only for CERN Alumni that need access to CERN
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