Feb 17 – 21, 2020
School of Physics and Astronomy, Monash University
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Venue and Transportation


The meeting will take place at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Monash University, room 110. The entrance to the school is located at the corner of College Walk and Rainforest Walk (see map below). Walk up the stairs, turn right, and keep walking until you find room 110 on your left. There will be signage just in case.

Most of you will be staying at Mannix College (25 Wellington Rd), which is marked at the bottom of the map above. Just cross the road (carefully!), and walk up Rainforest Walk until you see a weird looking statue (see pic). Turn left and you have found the School of Physics.



From the airport to Mannix College (and back) there are a few options for transportation. There is a bus service, Airport Bus Dandenong, that takes you directly to Monash University.


The frequency of the service, however, is really low, specially on the weekends, but it stops directly in front of Mannix College. This bus costs $30 per trip.

There is a regular bus transfer service, SkyBus, from the aiport to the city


The bus stops at Southern Cross Station (check for other stops in/near the city if you're not going to Monash straight away). There you need to take a train towards Cranboune/Pakenham, stop at Huntingdale and then take the bus 601 straight to Monash University. Mind that the 601 bus does not run on the weekends, but other alternatives exist (e.g. bus 630). 

If you are taking this route, remember to buy a Myki card at Southern Cross St, you will need it for the trip. The one-way SkyBus fare is $19.75, and the combined train + bus will be $4.50, plus $6 for the card itself.

As an alternative you can book a shuttle to take you from and to the airport. 


It is more expensive than other options, $55 for a single person, but it drops significantly the more people share it. 

If you want to take a taxi, there is a taxi rank just outside of Terminal 3. That would be quite expensive though, over $100 as it as roughly a 40 min drive.

Lastly, if you are lost and cannot possibly find your way to Monash University, contact Tomas at +61 (0)432 925 735 and I (might) give you a lift.