10-15 January 2021
Weizmann Institute of Science
Asia/Jerusalem timezone
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On the way to collectivity in rarely interacting systems

12 Jan 2021, 17:20
Andrea’s room 1 (vDLCC)

Andrea’s room 1


oral Collective dynamics from small to large systems CD


Nina Kersting (Bielefeld University)


We present the time resolved evolutions of the anisotropic flow coefficient $v_n$ with consideration of both the linear and non-linear dependence on the initial eccentricities $\epsilon_m$. The relativistic Boltzmann equation is utilized in the few collision regime in order to model the evolution of the phase space distribution.
Our analytically calculated time-dependent flow harmonics are compared to results of transport simulations.
Eventually, we discuss the important impact of the non-linear eccentricity contributions on the dynamical build-up of flow coefficient.

Primary author

Nina Kersting (Bielefeld University)


Nicolas Borghini (University of Bielefeld) Hendrik Roch (University Bielefeld)

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