Jan 27 – 29, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone


Jan 29, 2020, 12:00 PM
Presentation Meet CS3MESH Meet CS3MESH


Nicole Pfeiffer (Center for Open Science)


COS builds and maintains open source infrastructure, OSF (https://osf.io/) for researchers to manage their research, collaborate on projects, and share their outcomes. As part of the COS mission to increase the openness, integrity and reproducibility of research there is great benefit from a connection with the CS3MESH as a member of the community. Participation in the track would allow COS to learn from the MESH API architects on the API design, from other members of the community of their use cases and platform API architecture, and to share with other members of the community the OSF and its value in the ecosystem.

Research producers and consumers would have maximum benefit if the cloud service tools they use could interoperate seamlessly to share data and metadata across platforms efficiently with little to no effort by the uploader/updater. These workflows should transcend research institutions, storage providers, and geographic locations to not put unnecessary barriers between research collaborations, coordination of research activities, and sharing of research artifacts and outcomes. The way to move forward is with an open-source ecosystem supported by infrastructure with neutral, agnostic APIs and standard protocols. As a tool for providing many of these services to researchers, OSF’s public API using standard schemas belongs in the ecosystem of CS3MESH.

Leveraging existing interfaces like OSF to populate the ecosystem with useful services that are being used by researchers to generate a proof of concept demonstrating the API capability to interoperate between services and demonstrate value to the research lifecycle bringing efficiency gains to the research community. Early adopters will be able to populate the proof of concept with use cases and further build out robust workflow support capacity in the CS3MESH API.

As part of the Meet CS3MESH track, COS can share details on the OSF, the OSF’s API and the possible interoperability with the CS3MESH API. We can demonstrate the many workflows possible, the API needs for bidirectional interoperability, and FAIR metadata standards. Drilling in on the benefits of one streamlined connection with the CS3MESH to connect OSF with institutional repositories, storage locations and data stores and how the full ecosystem can support delivery of this goal.

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Mrs Nici Pfeiffer (Center for Open Science) Nicole Pfeiffer (Center for Open Science)

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