Jan 27 – 29, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Preparing EOS for Enterprise Users

Jan 27, 2020, 4:03 PM
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Molan Gregor (Comtrade)


EOS has been developed to the stage where it became potentially interesting for enterprise users. Being developed for research use however, means that EOS had to be modified for commercial use - that is where Comtrade with its vast experience with enterprise software development came in.

The first step in adoption of EOS in enterprise environment is development of robust installation and detailed documentation. Functionalities of EOS are summarized into 8 topics (work packages). For each work package we examined:

  • Real use cases of functionality
  • Source code corresponding to specific work package
  • Feedback from end users
  • Internal documentation regarding the functionality prepared by developers
  • Verification of documentation prototype at the live EOS storage system at CERN
  • Set up of EOS corner case environments on virtual hosts (Geo-scheduling, Balancing, Upgrades)

Based on this examination we prepared prototype of new documentation. This prototype was validated both by domain experts (developers) and end users. Feedback was implemented into version that was edited by professional proof readers. Iterations of revisions between proof readers and experts was repeated several times. The final version was also edited by graphic design team.

Some work packages were merged into documents covering additional functionalities like:

  • Best practice guide
  • Installation guide

We believe that work presented here serves as the first step towards establishing EOS as a viable enterprise storage product.

Primary author

Molan Gregor (Comtrade)

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