26-27 April 2010
Europe/Zurich timezone
Since a long time the Drell-Yan (DY) process is considered to be a powerful tool to study hadron structure. In the past, several experiments were successfully carried out using unpolarised beams and targets. Nowadays, taking into account the much advanced understanding of the spin structure of the nucleon, we are discussing a new generation of DY measurements using polarised beams and/or targets. The COMPASS collaboration is currently preparing a proposal for future studies of nucleon structure beyond 2011. One of the main aims is a first measurement of transverse-momentum-dependent parton distributions (TMDs) using the Drell-Yan process on a transversely polarised proton target hit by a pion beam. Among the distributions to be studied are Sivers, Boer-Mulders and pretzelosity TMDs as well as transversely polarised quark distributions. The workshop will review ongoing theoretical and experimental efforts related to the Drell-Yan process. Detailed presentations and discussions of the theoretical aspects will be complemented by descriptions of planned fixed-target and collider experiments. Organizers: Paula Bordalo (LIP-Lisbon and IST/UTL) Oleg Denisov (CERN/INFN-Torino) Eva-Maria Kabuss (Mainz) Fabienne Kunne (CEA Saclay) Alain Magnon (CEA Saclay) Gerhard Mallot (CERN) Anna Martin (Univ. Trieste and INFN-Trieste) Wolf-Dieter Nowak (CERN) Daniele Panzieri (Univ. Alessandria and INFN-Torino)
Salle Andersson
  • Claude MARCHAND
  • Eva KABUSS
  • Horst FISCHER
  • Marco RADICI
  • Oleg TERYAEV
  • Paula BORDALO
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