Mar 2 – 6, 2020
Building for Humanity and Social Studies (BHSS)
Asia/Taipei timezone

Workshop chairs and organisers

Workshop chairs and organisers

HEPiX co-chairs

Helge Meinhard / CERN

Tony Wong / BNL

Local organisers

Eric Yen/ASGC

Vicky Huang/ASGC

Stella Shen/ASGC

Track conveners

Track Conveners
Site reports

Michele Michelotto / INFN

Sébastien Gadrat / IN2P3-CC

Security, networking

David Kelsey / STFC

Shawn McKee / U Michigan

Storage, file systems

Peter van der Reest / DESY

Ofer Rind / BNL

Clouds, virtualisation, grids

Ian Collier / STFC

Tomoaki Nakamura / KEK

Computing, batch systems

Manfred Alef / KIT

Michel Jouvin / LAL Orsay

IT facilities

Wayne Salter / CERN

Peter Gronbech / U Oxford

End-user services, operating systems

Andreas Haupt / DESY

Georg Rath / LBNL-JGI

Basic IT services

Jingyan Shi / IHEP Beijing

Andrea Sciaba / CERN