June 20, 2020
UPRM, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
America/Puerto_Rico timezone


UPRM One-Day Data Camp

See the most up to date agenda here. We will update the agenda below at the end of the workshop.

Quarknet Teaching & Learning Fellows

  • Jeremy Smith, high school teacher in Baltimore County, MD

  • Adam LaMee, teacher-in-residence at University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Before June 20

Saturday, June 20



Activities below (Colab notebooks) require a Google account


  • Notebook: Data Camp Intro

    • Skills: run, edit, & save a notebook

  • Notebook: Probability

    • Task: Simulate flipping a coin 10 times for 8 trials and make a histogram of the number of heads for each trial.

    • Skills: generate random numbers, create and format a histogram

  • Midday reflection: Zoom poll


  • Notebook: Projectile in Air

    • Task: Model the motion of a projectile in air

    • Skills: modify a loop, define a function, format a plot

  • Notebook: Muon mass

    • Task: reconstruct the invariant mass of a muon

    • Skills: calculate invariant mass given its 4-vector (energy and x/y/z-momentum), make a mass plot

  • Notebook: Star catalogue

    • Task: create a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

    • Skills: load a csv from a URL, analyze and visualize data with limited scaffolding 

  • Notebook: Leptonic Decays

    • Task: characterize a parent particle using CMS dilepton events

    • Skills: conduct a mass reconstruction, make a mass plot, fit a curve

  • Finished already? View student activities at CODINGinK12.org

  • End-of-day reflection and feedback survey