WLCG DOMA general meeting

513/1-024 (CERN)



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    • 16:00 16:10
      Introduction 10m
      Speakers: Maria Girone (CERN) , Simone Campana (CERN)

      * The RUCIO workshop will happen in Fermilab on the 10th, 11th and 12th (morning) of March 2020. There is an idea to take the opportunity to have a DOMA F2F on Monday the 9th of March there. Comments? 

      * We plan to have a DOMA session at the WLCH/HSF workshop in Lund focused on the evolution of the (datalake) model in view of HL-LHC. 


    • 16:10 16:45
      Preparation for the LHCONE/LHCOPN meeting 35m
    • 16:45 17:05
      Round table of DOMA Tasks Forces 20m

      DOMA ACCESS - 2020

      • Several activities ongoing:
        • following experiment model evolution (compact data objects, analysis models evolution,...) 
        • XCache deployments US and EU with substantial different approaches and XCache developments
        • introducing costs estimation with the collaboration of the cost model WG
      • Next year we start wrapping up 
        • Incorporate info/feedback from the above in the following next 6 months and start converging
        • Goal to provide a White Paper end of 2020 with WG findings over the 2 years mandate
          • summarising all the lessons learnt
          • give a quantitative overview of the cost/complexity of different approaches and estimate global costs for different DOMA data lake models