Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

Dark Matter searches (3/3)

by Prof. Daniel Tovey (University of Sheffield)




Dark Matter is one of the most compelling motivations for physics beyond the Standard Model. This lecture series will review the status and prospects for Dark Matter searches, covering both direct and indirect searches. The lectures will review searches over the full mass range of possible Dark Matter candidates, covering the different techniques used in these searches. In addition future prospects for these searches will be presented.


Short bio: 

Dan began his research career working on sodium iodide and liquid xenon dark matter experiments at Boulby Mine in the UK with the UK Dark Matter Collaboration. He led one of the first neutron beam measurements of the nuclear recoil quenching factor and pulse-shape in single-phase LXe experiments and collaborated on early phenomenological studies of the interpretation of spin-dependent dark matter searches. Following his PhD, he moved into collider physics with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, working on searches for supersymmetric dark matter particles. He was co-convener of the ATLAS SUSY working group in 2003-7, spokesperson of ATLAS-UK in 2010-12, and ATLAS Physics Coordinator in 2016-17. He has a continuing interest in the development of new kinematic techniques for identifying signals of SUSY dark matter at the LHC. More recently, he has also joined the LUX-ZEPLIN collaboration at Homestake in the US, which is currently building the world's largest liquid xenon dark matter detector.

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