12-14 May 2020
Mercure Budapest Castle Hill
Europe/Budapest timezone

The Tenth Annual ALICE Tier-1/Tier-2 Workshop will be hosted by the Institute For Particle and Nuclear Physics, Wigner Research Centre, in the capital of Hungary, Budapest

Wigner Research Centre for Physics

The Wigner Research Centre carries out a diverse physics and technical programmes in Hungary as well as around the world as a member of almost all large international physics collaborations. Today, Wigner Research Centre and the Centre for Energy Research occupy the site of the old KFKI (Központi Fizakai Kutató Intézet) of the Hungarian Academy of Science. Since 2013, the the world-class Wigner Data Center (the extension of the CERN T0) has also been part of the research center.

In 2021, ALICE will commence data taking in the LHC Run3 with an updated detector system, readout and software. The ambitious and complex upgrade will result in 100 times more physics events being collected, stored and analyzed. The software upgrade alone consists of almost entire re-write of the reconstruction code, to make it compatible with the new compression facility O2, which will allow to squeeze the data from 4TB/sec at detector level to 100GB/sec at the output of O2 in real time. Further software updates will touch almost all parts of the processing and analysis chains of ALICE.

The Grid is also undergoing a substantial upgrade and  modification - from the new OS and gateways on all sites to the new JAliEn replacing the old central and site services. JAliEn will assure that the services will be able to sustain the increased load from the processing workloads, as well as the resources growth over the Run3 years and beyond.

In addition to the above, new computational elements are introduced, specifically to help with the demand for analysis - the Analysis Facilities (AFs). These will serve a very specific role within the overall ALICE processing chain and we will have to learn how to operate and exploit them with the highest possible efficiency.

At this workshop, with the help of the site experts, we will assess the readiness of the Grid infrastructure for the start of data taking in 2021 - what is done and what remains to be done. A session will be dedicated to presentation and discussions on the JAliEn middleware and its installation status and also a dedicated session will discuss the Analysis Facilities, the readiness and plans for their operation.

As always, the workshop is a great place to meet and discuss with everyone involved in the development and operation of the ALICE distributed computing facilities, as well as the developers of Grid mddleware and storage solutions.

The workshop will take place at the conference centre of  Mercure Budapest Castle Hill hotel in the centre of Budapest. In addition to the conference, the local organizers have secured rooms in the hotel at a very competitive prices. More details on that in the Accomodation section.

On the last day of the workshop, there will be a visit to the Wigner Data Center, which will host an ALICE Analysis Facility. If you wish to participate in the visit, please indicate this on the workshop registration page. 

Registration deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2020

Workshop fee: 200, please refer to the "Payment of workshop fee" page.

Map of Budapest with points of interest....

Mercure Budapest Castle Hill
The workshop venue Google map coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/xJYqv9u1t6acrDRn9

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