Due to public-health concerns around the Covid-19 pandemic,
APPEAL 11 has been postponed. A new date will be announced.


APPEAL 11 - Particle Accelerators and Plasma Technology 
The Wave of the Future

In collaboration with CERN, the University of Oxford is organising a one-day school to give A-level teachers an opportunity to learn about particle accelerators — and in particular new types of accelerators based on plasmas (i.e. an ionized gas). Plasma accelerators exploit the huge electric fields which can be generated by intense laser pulses, or particle beams, propagating through a plasma. These fields can be one thousand times larger than those used today at CERN, and hence plasma accelerators offer a route to achieving affordable and compact accelerators with potential applications in medicine, science, and industry. 

The school will also include lectures on admission to undergraduate studies in physics and on applications of accelerators, as well as a visit to a plasma accelerator laboratory.

The school will address questions that often fascinate students, such as “How does a particle accelerator work?” “What will come after the LHC?" “Will accelerators just keep on getting larger?" and "What are the applications of particle accelerators in our daily lives?".

Past APPEAL events were very successful and this event should be as interesting and thought-provoking event as ever.

The APPEAL-11 event will take place on Saturday, 4 July 2020 at the University of Oxford.

To take part in this school please register here before the Friday, 26 June 2020

There are no registration fees for the teachers to participate in the event. The organisers are grateful for the support received from the following organisations: