Introduction to Accelerator Physics, 30 August - 12 September 2020, Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland

EVERNESS Hotel & Resort (Switzerland)

EVERNESS Hotel & Resort


Ch des Champs-Blancs 70B, 1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis, Suisse
Hermann Schmickler (CERN)

This Introductory CAS Course represents the core teaching of all CAS courses and also represents the ideal opportunity to be introduced into the field of particle accelerators. This course will be of interest to staff and students from laboratories and universities, as well as companies manufacturing accelerator equipment. The course will focus on various aspects of beam dynamics and will provide an introduction to the underlying accelerator systems. Key topics will be consolidated through a series of discussion sessions and tutorials, while topical seminars will complete the program.

Due to the large number of students during the past issues of this course we have decided to hold this course now every year in autumn instead of the two-yearly rhythm before. The number of students will be limited to about 80 students based on a first come first served principle.

  • Ameer Mukhtar
  • Anna Sledneva
  • Artem Novokshonov
  • Deepak Yadav
  • Elaf Musa
  • Essma Redouane Salah
  • José Antonio Pavón Rodríguez
  • Kai-Oliver Demmler
  • Kieran Mackay
  • Leon Alejandro
  • Mariana Azevedo Trocado Moreira
  • Namra Aftab
  • Nico Oepen
  • Nicolás Vallis
  • Nikki Tagdulang
  • Petter Hofverberg
  • Ross Titmarsh
  • Sahar Arjmand
  • Sami Kosonen