Apr 1 – 2, 2020
CERN IdeaSquare
Europe/Zurich timezone

This event will not be organized on 1st - 2nd April - it has been postponed until further notice.


We live in the global “acceleration society."

The challenges we will confront in the next decades will no longer be local but of planetary scale.

The motto “think global, act local” is no longer valid. We need to develop scalable solutions.


At the same time, scalability needs to take into account diversity.

Our planet is also global in diversity. No one size fits all.

How is it possible to scale from the specifically local to the diversity of the global? Certainly new ways of thinking and doing will be necessary.


Inspired by CERN IdeaSquare

As a facility inside CERN looking into disruptive social innovation, IdeaSquare offers a unique opportunity to think and do differently. 

Its origins and methodologies root in the mindset of an organization worldwide recognized as a forefront in fundamental research and breakthrough innovation.

CERN’s mission is to uncover the building blocks of the universe. Incrementalism is not an option. Disruptive thinking, experimentation and scalability is.

In this spirit, we like to share who we are, what we do and how we do it, while walking together into a breakthrough-thinking journey. We would like welcoming the World Economic Forum's Global Leadership Fellows to this pilot workshop.

CERN IdeaSquare
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