LHC Seminar

Rare decays from strangeness to beauty at LHCb (by V.L.) - Recent results on heavy baryon spectroscopy at LHCb (by E.P.M.G.)

by Emmy Pauline Maria Gabriel (The University of Edinburgh (GB)) , Vitalii Lisovskyi (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))

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Video only



First talk (30'):
Rare hadron decays proceeding via the flavour-changing neutral-current mechanism offer a sensitive laboratory for precision tests of the Standard Model and searches for potential contributions beyond it. The LHCb experiment is actively exploring rare decays of beauty, charm, and strange hadrons. Recent results in this area will be highlighted, in particular new searches for lepton-flavour-violating decays and suppressed decays of mesons to two leptons. The first test of lepton-flavour universality in decays of beauty baryons will also be presented.

Second talk (30'):
"In recent years many studies of hadrons containing heavy quarks have been performed, leading to a plethora of new particle observations. These new states contain valuable information that can be used to improve our understanding of quantum chromodynamics.

   "This seminar highlights several searches for heavy baryons at the LHCb experiment. Searches for heavy baryons in the final states $\Xi_b^0 K^-$ and $\Lambda_c^+ K^-$ are discussed, motivated by the earlier discovery of five narrow $\Omega_c^0$ states decaying to $\Xi_c^+ K^-$. In addition, results of recent studies of the $\Lambda_b^0 \pi^+ \pi^-$ mass spectrum are presented.

Organized by

Michelangelo Mangano, Monica Pepe-Altarelli and Guillaume Unal.

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