4th meeting

30-6-017 (CERN)



SPL cavities working group video conference meeting
The participants were:
At CERN: O. Capatina, F. Gerigk, T. Junginger, M. Schuh, W. Weingarten
Triumph: R. Laxdal (part)
Rostock: H.W. Glock
CEA Saclay: J. Plouin, S. Chel
The proposed agenda of the meeting was :
-        Approval /follow up of minutes of previous meeting
-        Revised SPL workplan and resources (W. Weingarten)
-        Towards the final design of the beta=1 cavity (O. Capatina)
-        Beam tube damping estimations for SPL cavity (H.-W. Glock, W. Weingarten)
-        AOB, date of next meeting and agenda topics
Two additional presentation were carried:
-        Qext requirements for HOMs (M. Schuh)
All the presentations can be found at http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=92595  :
Detailed discussions:
-        Approval of previous minutes => no comments concerning the minutes of the previous meeting, minutes approved.

-        Qext requirements for HOMs (M. Schuh)
o   Remark/question Wolfgang confirmed by Marcel: it the HOM do not fall in the presented machine lines, Qext by power coupler should be enough
-        Revised SPL workplan and resources (W. Weingarten)
Comments / remarks:
o   S. Chel: Concerning the workplan of CEA with respect to SPL, the discussions have already started with V. Parma. The clarification of the detailed contribution of CEA concerning the cavities WG will be discussed together with Wolfgang.
o   H.-W. Glock: no doubt that the foreseen electromagnetic simulations will be carried out
-        Towards the final design of the beta=1 cavity (O. Capatina)
Questions / remarks:
o   F. Gerigk: the copper cavities will be manufactured at CERN or in the industry; Answer: Most probably 1 in the industry and 1 or 2 at CERN
o   Hans Walter: for the HOM coupler design purposes, it will be necessary to have the maximum available distance from the HOM port flange port up to the next interfering equipment. This value has to be provided (Ofelia).
-        Beam tube damping estimations for SPL cavity (H.-W. Glock)
Questions / remarks:
o   O. Capatina: the HOM port and the pick-up port do not have the same diameter (the 36 mm internal diameter concerns the HOM port, the pick-up being smaller). Hans Walter confirmed that the pick-up port diameter has no impact on their simulations.
o   Wolfgang: question if at Rostock they are familiar with the HOM coupler designs existing for LEP and LHC. Hans Walter said that any information is welcome => Wolfgang will send the details of those designs to him.
-        Estimations based on the longitudinal mode calculated by Juliette Plouin (W. Weingarten)
No comments
-        AOB
o   Wolfgang informed that the 4th collaboration meeting will take place from 30th of June to 2nd of July in Lund. Concerning the cavities working group, a number of talks were suggested and send by e-mail by Wolfgang. The participants are required to confirm their participation by e-mail to Wolfgang or R. Garoby.
-        Date of next meeting:
The next meeting will take place on 31st of May 2010.
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