WLCG AuthZ Call


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Attendees: Hannah, Andrea, Maarten, Brian, Irwin, Jeny, Julie, Tom, Mine


  • Bearer token doc done
  • Client Tools
    • Demo not quite ready, the oidc-agent part is pending
    • Prototype developed by Andrea, using Device Code Flow with browser (no need to authenticate twice since session established in browser)
      • Do need to go to browser twice, particularly for consent part
    • How can we remove the need to do the action (authenticate/consent/other) twice?
    • Doesn’t seem right to silently allow people through, we also don’t want people to be exposed to additional risk
    • Suggestion to add logic to consent, e.g. if they are the owner of the client then no consent needed (not supported by Keycloak)
    • We need some kind of balance between different legalities (e.g. under GDPR consent is invalid in a work context)
    • The VO terms of use and privacy policy already cover consent at a higher level
    • This workflow is really Inform rather than Consent
    • Summary: we need some kind of information screen as people go to a new client for the first time (not called consent) but this shouldn’t be shown if you are the client owner (this is not supported in Keycloak)
    • Can we think of a way that oidc-agent is used by multiple people? i.e. client credentials are shared
    • Vault already planned to be used, sounds likely that can combine oidc-agent and Vault (add to list)
    • Centrally run oidc-agent with Vault - there may be a gap for places (e.g. labs) that cannot deploy Vault (though backup flow is the individual oidc-agent registration). Unclear whether Vault would need to be deployed locally by each lab (linked directly to an LDAP)
  • Q from Mine: HTCondor cannot process WLCG Groups, are we going to use groups to submit jobs or just capabilities?
    • Since pilot jobs, capabilities seems relevant. Wait until there is a use case before developing.
  • Problem with CMS IAM instance, letsencrypt certificate was not refreshed and expired
    • Need to get a Sectigo certificate for VOMS compatibility?
  • CMS people have had a look at IAM, a bit of feedback
    • People working on new services are quite happy
    • Several things have only gone as far as prototypes due to lack of users (assumed green light)
    • VOMS admin requests to cut out as many manual things as possible for the user (i.e. not have a VO admin click OK)
      • Some feedback from GDB said that we need to have a manual step
    • Why should they use this rather than the CERN OIDC endpoint?
      • Could move everything to the CERN IdP
      • There should be some documentation somewhere (in IT?)


  • Hannah publish bearer doc
  • Hannah set up dedicated meetings on big topics (Andrea away next meeting)
  • Hannah to follow up with CERN OpenShift about letsencrypt issue
  • Hannah to follow up about getting grid certificates for Openshift applications
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