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Attendees: Hannah, Brian, DaveD, DaveK, Tom, Ian, Jeny, Julie, Marco, Maarten, Irwin, Liz, Linda, Will

Apologies: Andrea


  • htgettoken & Vault set up, configured for WLCG and CMS token issuers (centos7) set up by DaveD
  • Dave did a demo
    • ``htgettoken -a fermicloud346.fnal.gov`` (the vault server)
    • Defaults to WLCG IAM, launches browser (can specify target IdP as needed)
    • Log in and authorise vault client 
    • Returns to terminal
    • Saves credkey (email address, stored in ~/.config/htgettoken/credkey-default-default file, used for identifying where user's token is stored)
    • Saves refresh token in vault
    • Stores bearer token in /run/user/.../bt_... (as per our spec)
    • Stores vault token in /tmp/vt_...
    • Can run with -d (debug) flag
    • Second time run, uses kerberos
  • What about scopes? Where are they defined? 
    • Would have to be managed by the Vault admins
    • Plan to submit PR to puppetlabs for Vault to allow requests to limit the scope
  • What sort of error messages can come back?
  • Kerberos - what needs to know your principal? 
    • Config includes config for ldap to check that user exists
    • In oidc config can specify which claim becomes credkey "claim_mappings" and the user_claim as the vault index
    • Security hole -> if someone can change their email to yours they can get your token
    • Some concern about trying to align WLCG token content with local lab Kerberos 
    • Could be possible to write an ssh plugin for Vault authentication
  • Same as scopes, we need to be able to specify the audience (for a particular endpoint or CE)
  • How to set up? Maybe a vault configuration generator
  • May be the moment to just try it out and then come up with further requirements


  • Dave and Will to set up an instance at STFC and generate documentation during the process
  • Others to try and set up htgettoken 
  • Hannah to follow up with Marcus about oidc-agent, don't want to duplicate effort
  • Hannah to edit Client Tools Doc into reasonable shape. This will be a v0.1 that we will return to once we have more experience



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