Seminar ALICE/NA61/SPbSU


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    • 12:00 13:00
      LHC Seminar Fabrizio Grosa: "Recent results on open heavy flavour with ALICE" 1h

    • 17:00 18:20
      ITS3 Upgrade WP5 (Mechanics and Cooling) meeting 1h 20m
      (1) 17:00 Grigory Feovilov, "Proposals for further optimization of ALICE ITS-3 cooling/mechanics/assembly"
      (2) 17:35 Vladimir Zherebchevsky, "Conceptual ideas for the ITS-3 mechanics and cooling: Low material thermo-isolation for the ITS-3."
      (3) 18:00 Corrado Gargiulo (CERN), "WP5 PROGRESS REPORT"

    • 18:20 19:20
      Explicit solution of the equation of motion for relativistic proton stopping in nuclear matter 1h
      Speaker: Vladimir Vechernin (St Petersburg State University (RU))
    • 19:50 20:00
      Introduction to Mmathpix tool 10m
      Speaker: Dr Vladimir Kovalenko (St Petersburg State University (RU))
    • 20:00 20:20
      Calculations of spectra in detector systems using MC generators 20m
      Speaker: Vladislav Sandul (St Petersburg State University (RU))