Rucio Development Meeting

Martin Barisits (CERN)


Meeting ID: 413 496 641
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    • 15:00 15:10
      News 10m
      • Release schedule
        • 1.23.5 Sep 1 done
        • 1.23.5.post1 TODAY done
          • Hotfix release needed due to backwards compatibility issue with list-dids introduced in 1.23.5
        • 1.23.6 Sep 14
        • 1.23.7 Sep 28
      • Next week no meeting! (Jeûne genevois)
      • Rucio Workshop 2021
        • Thinking of moving this to autumn 2021 (Instead of ~March 2021)
        • Increase the time in between workshops
        • Hopefully we can have a Face2Face workshop by then
      • Last month PR and issue progress
    • 15:10 15:20
      News from the experiments 10m
      • ATLAS
        • Issues with clients (Still on 1.22.8 as DEFAULT)
      • CMS
        • Getting to start globus testing for CMS
          • Martin will putt Eric and Matt in contact
      • RAL/UK
        • Patricks last week in Rucio!
          • Thanks a lot for all the work and all the best for the future
        • Switched RAL Rucio instance to Multi-VO
          • SKA running on that (moved all data)
          • Adding a second VO at the moment
        • Few issues, but mostly config and setup
          • WSGI container configuration got messed up
      • LDMX
        • Tried deleting data for the first time
          • Crashed due to metadata cleanup
      • Folding@Home
      • MWA
        • Setting up together with Pawsey to move some data
        • Contribute back to Rucio (Starting with documentation)
      • Belle II
        • Running certification of Rucio
        • Migration might be delayed by one or two weeks (instead of in 10 days from now)
        • Monitoring (by default) in Rucio
          • ATLAS one will be difficult due to enrichment by CERN-IT stack
          • Default dashboards (elastic) with hermes2 aggregation to be offered in default package
          • Documentation important to make this usable
      • Fermilab
        • Working on getting 
        • ACCALI experiment interrested 
    • 15:20 15:30
      Hot topics 10m
      • FTS Check On Tape feature 20m
        Speaker: Mihai Patrascoiu (CERN)
        • For Rucio it should be sufficient to add the `archive_timeout` to the job?
          • Yes
        • What happens with archive_timeout on DISK endpoints
          • Job will fail most likely
          • Need to be careful where to put it, so we need to probably flag the RSEs supporting this
        • New software required at sites?
          • Protocol needs to support the extended attribute
          • SRM already provides it, sites do not need to update their software
            • xroot (only for cta)
        • Any tests with SRM, or is all done with CTA (xroot)?
          • No tests with srm
        • Timescale for 3.10 in production
          • As soon as testing is done, FTS team will release it
            • In Autumn (End November?)
              • For CMS it would be very good to have it in place for November
        • Eric and Martin will work on implementation in Rucio
      • GSOC Project: Native Desktop Application for Rucio 25m
        Speaker: Vivek Nigam
    • 15:30 15:55
      Developers roundtable 25m
    • 15:55 16:00
      AOB 5m