EP-ESE Electronics Seminars

Cryogenic Readout Electronics Systems for Liquid Argon TPCs in Neutrino Experiments

by Shanshan Gao (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))



As an enabling technology, cold electronics developed for cryogenic temperature operation allow an optimum balance among various design and performance requirements for “giant” liquid argon TPCs in neutrino experiments. In this talk, I will go through a brief history of R&D on cold electronics and the advantages of cold electronics in detector construction and performance improvements. Then, I will report how we instrumented the ProtoDUNE single-phase liquid argon TPC successfully with a cold electronics system. Low noise front-end electronics, warm interface electronics, and the integral design concept will be described, as well as some unique challenges for readout electronics system which have to work reliably at cryogenic temperatures (77K-89K).

The collaboration-wide effort towards the ProtoDUNE single-phase module has realized a working liquid argon TPC with 99.7% active channels and excellent noise performance (ENC < 800 e-). Confidence was gained from the successfull ProtoDUNE experience and continuous efforts are being made towards a 17 kiloton Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) far-detector module instrumented with a cold electronics system.

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