CBG Coordination Team meeting


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Meeting ID: 996 0350 8311
Passcode: 2020

  • Aija Ruse
  • Elina Grate
  • Fjodor Sergejev
  • Jevgenijs Proskurins
  • Karlis Dreimanis
  • Mario Kadastik
  • Silva Vitola
  • Triin Kangro
RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator TechnologiesContact
    • 1
      CERN Baltic School 2020

      Cancellation of the school and setting of the new date next year.

      Speaker: Dr Karlis Dreimanis (Riga Technical University (LV))
    • 2
      Industry engagement next steps

      Welcoming of Estonian ILO and discussion about further steps towards industry engagement concerning collaboration with CERN

      Speakers: Dr Andrius Juodagalvis (Vilnius University), Prof. Mario Kadastik (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (EE)), Prof. Toms Torims (Riga Technical University), Mrs Triin Kangro
    • 3
      Study programme - ongoing activites

      Short review on activities done so far and next steps.

      Speakers: Dr Karlis Dreimanis (Riga Technical University (LV)), Prof. Marcis Auzins (University of Latvia), Mrs Silva Vitola (Riga Technical University)
    • 4
      Speaker: All