Apr 27 – 29, 2021
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Talk Outlines

Focus Area Talks

These occur on Tuesday and are 15+10 minutes each. In short: focus on the highlights. The questions to answer are:

  1. Summarize the set of projects/activities, making note of external connections outside of IRIS-HEP, including to experiments.
  2. Workshops or blueprints that should be planned for the upcoming year?
  3. What would be potential Year 4 milestones for each of the projects? (First ideas, to be iterated with PIs and the whole team as this process moves forward.) Use the ones that are currently in (year 3) along with the sketches we have in year 4 and goals for year 5. See this page for the current milestone registry.
  4. What new/existing “grand challenges” would be useful to organize involving your area during Year 4 of IRIS-HEP? How would these challenges depend on efforts from other areas of IRIS-HEP, the US LHC Ops programs, or the experiments?
  5. Are there new opportunities where effort from IRIS-HEP can make an impact? Is the alignment of the focus areas in IRIS-HEP appropriate?